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Zd30 direct injection won't start and misfire


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Hi all, everything was ok until pulled up for 1 hour, came back to car and winds over but won't start. Check all fuses and priming pump has is hard, has fuel pressure, half a tank of fuel. Got towed to Racq workshop, get off tow truck and engine started but on high rpm start running really rough, misfire, diesel knock, white smoke then shut down, next couple starts stall while idling. Mechanic suspect fuel pump issue, unable connect scanner, try to flash codes from ecm but only 55 means no faults. Unable to fix in next 24hours also towed to my place. Charged battery up, started engine and same happened runs funny, lots of white smoke and engine stalls, no check engine light on. Removed fuel filter housing to drain fuel from it but no water present. Refit, bleed fuel system, started engine and runs good, no more issues however don't want drive because to me isn't fix. Any advice what could be a problem? It's pump failing? Thought about dodgy fuel but last time filled Bp standard diesel and done 300kilometers before issue started diesel or Puma premium. Forgot mention bought 4wd 2 years ago and beforehand had engine swap because pump failed in original engine. Second engine had 175k while was installed. Cheers

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Everything suggests that either you had an issue with fuel filter, or it is sucking air somewhere or indeed injection pump is failing. To see if IP is failing and self report visit diesel fuel injection specialist to connect scanner directly to IP there might be  some codes in the pump ECU shedding some llight on the issue.

If this happens when engine is warm only the chances are it is the pump.  The ZD30 and their VP44 injection pumps are notorious for having issues with fuel delivery from the fuel tank as well so you  could substitute clear hose from filter housing to pump and observe for presence of air in the line which indicates some of the problems described.


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Cheers Rumcajs,

Got car running now however temporary repair. Saving cash for recon pump, quoted $3300 part only. Overlooked issue by myself and on Saturday while troubleshooting got flash fault code 72 tdc pulse signal (incorrect signal from fuel pump). Got dieseltec on Monday to connect tool directly to pump but soon tech arrived pin point bare wires to PSG valve and caused short circuit. In one hand lucky enough because managed remove rhs engine mount, cut wires and insulated following rejoining also relocated harness to prevent from getting hot. Reassemble and engine runs good. Very lucky haven't burnt ecm internally. Pump ecm can't exchanges due to rail sensor is attached internal and soon while attempted lift ecm from housing pump must be bench program. I've have seen number of faulty pumps and also number of sensor wires attempted repair by others at dieseltec pump room and tech reply common fault!

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