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2006 ZD30 Di 14PSI on idle!


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Theres no way its actually pumping out 14psi on idle, but thru the ECU talk gauges my ecu thinks 14.4 psi is being delivered. Im assuming this is a corrupt MAP sensor??? Also the MAF voltage on idle is reading 2.5v roughly.

Any guru know what the correct readings are suppose to be? I think "Chaz" had a post somewhere but i cant find it.


Thanks guys.  

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MAF Voltage reading at idle is around 1.6- 2.0 V. MAP or boost sensor always read absolute pressure that is atmospheric or barometric pressure + actual turbo pressure. Barometric pressure at sea level is around 100 kpa or 14.5 psi. Unless you are using actual ECU Talk LCD panel where this compensation is made you will see the values as indicated in the ECU Talk software gauges.


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