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stalling under load at 2000rpm

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I have a Nissan Patrol 3.0 ltr turbo diesel 2008 ,around 4months ago well driving it started losing power have had it in Nissan for about 3 months and the menc cant seem to find the problem have just picked it up and got it home , it is worse then it was can drive it slow as soon as you go to 2000rpms stalls and you have to turn key off and back on to start the car again , loses all power and like it goes into limp mode( no warning lights or anything come on   ????Nissan had it up on host and they could get it to120 mph fine didn't stall at all as soon as they started pulling hand break and putting it under load it dies ?the only code coming up they said is large fuel leak , have been through the whole car replaced all fuel lines and still made no difference ?  any help at all would be great at this point .have had itfor 18 months 

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This simply doesn't compute. You had it at Nissan for 3 months and they can't find the fault? Where?

Its stalling cause there is  no fuel available at right time or enough when needed under load cause either wrong inputs from engine sensors e.g MAP and MAF or fuel delivery is faulty, either low supply or high pressure rail issue.

This should not be that hard to figure out by measuring observing engine sensors and their outputs. Or is turbo charger faulty? Example the variable geometry vanes are fully retarded cause the vacuum control is leaking. Easy to see via OBD2 scanner. Is fuel rail pressure sufficient? I mean what sort of Nissan imbecilles can't use their Consult diagnostic interface to figure this out?

They should be seeing data coming during road test and relate/collate that data ffsck!

I'm sorry but If I had an afternoon with their gear connected I'd tell you exactly what is wrong.

You need  to see what ECM sees when the stalling occurs. Fuel rail pressure, Manifold Airflow and turbo boost, EGR position, any smoke out of exhaust, even accelerator pedal position....

I suggest you visit Bosch authorized diesel fuel injection centre and have them diagnosed this on the dyno where they can simulate engine loads to pinpoint the issue.


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