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vp44 ?


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Hello everyone, I have a problem with gr y61 zd30 2001, the engine turns on well and regulates well and evenly, when accelerating it maintains the rpm, but when releasing the accelerator the revs drop and it turns off, the check engine turns on, and the code of fail at 0705, reboot ecu, delete it and again the same, if I slow down slowly it does not turn off or code appears .. will it be a vp44 pump problem? What sensor could be failing? the fuel filter was changed 500 km ago. where do I start to check ...
Hello everyone, thank you

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To be able to better identify these type of faults (ECM to pump module DTCs) you will need Bosch scanner which directly connects to the pump. If this issue wasn't there before fuel filter change that would mean you have air in the fuel and possibly because filter fitment introduced the air or is not sealing properly or leaking through priming button.


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