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Transmission oil gauges


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Llooking to install  transmission oil gauge in my 2014 Y61 Patrol 3lt auto.

I have looked at ones that attach to the top of the gearbox, ones that tap into the gearbox, ones that fit inline in the transmission cooler and scan gauges (which look far to complicated for me)

Would appreciate advice on which is the the most accurate type please. Also , one auto transmission place quoted me $800 to install!!


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I'm not familiar with Y61 auto transmissions but as yours is fully OBD2 compliant I'd try to use OBD2 scanner to find out if transmission temps are displayed.

If they are then I would not proceed with installation of hardwired gauges.  Certainly I'd not pay 800 bucks to have one installed (does it come with golden bezel too?)

OBD2 BT adapter (ELM327) is about $10-20 bucks, Torque Pro app is about 10 bucks so to test/try is cheaper proposition.

ScanGauge 2 OBD2 reader does have some issues with reading temps but it is supported allegedly Nissan Patrol Scangauge

Still cheaper then 800 bucks and it gives you way more gauges then just transmission temperature. However you will need to experiment. If you don't want hassle and just read one gauge then have it installed hardwired.


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