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Gu patrol zd30 Oil leak


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Hey guys so i have had this annoying oil leak on my 2011 gu patrol (CRD)  since I have bought it. I have been using about 1 Litre of oil every 1 - 2 weeks or around every 600 km of driving its pretty bad and finally have had enough. The mechanics have told me it's an engine out job? not sure if that is true though.

So i have been told it is the oil feed line on the drivers side of the block or the vacuum pump? my question is, Is the vacuum pump directly above the starter motor? I did see the oil feed line ( i think) that goes into the side of the block on the drivers side but don't know where it goes to.. looks like a difficult position to reach.  Would appreciate any help! really would love this annoying oil leak fixed.

Also injectors , rocker cover gasket , glow plug seals all have been replaced don't think it is that. 




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Hi there,

What is there is oil pressure sensor and the banjo stand off fitting and it is common cause of oil leaks.

If you remove starter motor it is easier to get to but it is still a bastard job. You will need to replace copper washers on the banjo bolt stand off fitting (if in use) and be careful when re-tightening the sensor not to break it or loosen the banjo bolt stand off fitting again.

I'll post some pics or if you search on this site in regards to oil pressure sensor and associated issues....

Oil pressure sensor size





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