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Cheap Tricks - DIY Mods and accessories for under $50

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I like my little projects, so how about sharing for everyone else.

Let us know what those small little things you do to improve your Patrol are.

Let's get it started:

+ EGR Blocking plate

Materials - Scrap stainless sheet (thicker than paper) and some Ultra Grey or similar sealant.

Cost $5

+ GU front interior lights wired up so they light up when the doors are open like the middle and rear lights

Materials - Wire and diodes (diodes are needed otherwise when you go to turn on one light and they all turn on (found out while driving at night, bit dazzling)).

Cost $2 (can recycle diodes and wire from old electronics (TV's, etc))

+ Second glovebox

I used - Free old 1mm thick aluminum road sign folded into a box, piano hinge and a few screws and pop riverts.

Cost $5. I had the road sign, but you could use wood, sheet metal (colourbond), old plastic drill cases if you can melt them to fit, etc

+ Diff breathers - Old vacuum/fuel hose, fuel filters for small motorbike, zip ties

Cost $5

+ Glovebox light - LED lights and an old car door light switch, some wire and a couple screws and zip ties.

Cost less than $20 if you shop around.

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Locate the red wire with black stripe (not gray stripe) on the centre light as its the door switch. You need to run a length of wire from this to the front. I just run it on top of the roof trim.

Then solder the diodes (i used two, to make sure they wouldn't burn out) onto the top tag on the switches and join to the wire from the door switch wire.

DIODES ARE DIRECTIONAL make sure they are running the correct way (note: the silver stripe around one end)


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Has anyone got the pics to do the annoying beep when the drivers door is open and accessories is on. I had them but cant find them on my putr. The plug to unplug in the steering column.

Its a good quick fix that seems to be asked about a lot.

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