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EGT Survey ZD30 DI/CRD


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OK, just in case, I would like to get my EGT survey thread up and running here as I think there was a lot of good quality info in the other one for new and old members alike. I looked at bringing the info across but I only own my info so it may not be legal and there would be a hell of a lot of sorting to get it right.

If you are interested in keeping this going please use the structure below in a cut and paste form and add your info over mine.

There always seems to be a question of where and what EGT temps are acceptable with the GU ZD30 motor and with EGT being so critcal to the longevity of the motor you can never have too much information.

The position of the EGT sender, ie pre or post turbo, the distance from the turbo dump pipe flange, the temp range you experience, cruising, towing, city, give others valuable info. Also add whether DI or CRD and what brand gauge is used. There are other aspects which may effect EGT which I have added as well. Fuel eco, well thats just so you can brag or squirm.

Here goes, it will be a WIP.

2000, DI manual, 21700 k, Update #4

---------------------original info-----------------------------update info

Dawes --------------No-----------------------------------------Yes

Needle V------------No-----------------------------------------Yes

EGR done----------Yes----------------------------------------Yes

Snorkel (Safari)---Yes----------------------------------------Yes

EGT Boost---------Autometer Analogue------------------Unchanged

EGT Sensor-------60mm from dump pipe flange-------Unchanged

Cruise temp-------@100k, 10-12psi, 240-450C---------7-12psi, 210-320C

Cruise temp-------@110k, 4-6psi, 350-550C------------10-18psi, 230-430C

Tow Temp---------@100k, 10-12psi, 400-550C---------12-18psi, 320-460C

City temp-----------150-350C, 5-8psi-----------------------150-250C, 5-8psi

Tyre size------------265/75/16 @ 40psi---------------------Unchanged

Chip------------------Safari DTronic----------------------------Unchanged

Exhaust-------------Standard-----------------------------------Beaudesert 2 ¾"HF Cat

Intercooler----------Standard----------------------------------Cross Country

Lift Pump------------No-------------------------------------------Carter 4600HP

Fuel Eco L/100----Best 8.8----------worst 17.5------------Average 11

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2004 GUIV, DI manual, 210000 k, U

Dawes --------------No

Needle V------------No

EGR done----------Yes

Snorkel (Safari)---Yes

EGT Boost---------Autometer Analogue

EGT Sensor-------60mm from dump pipe flange

Cruise temp-------@100k, 7-11psi, 280-470C

Cruise temp-------@110k, 8-12psi, 350-520C

Tow Temp---------@100k, 10-12psi, 380-600C 1700kg

City temp-----------200-400C, 5-10psi

Tyre size------------will double check


Exhaust-------------Beaudesert 2 ¾"HF Cat

Intercooler----------Standard rewelded

Lift Pump------------No

Fuel Eco L/100----Best 12----------worst 17.5 average 14

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2003 GU3, DI manual, 285000 k,

Dawes --------------yes

Needle V------------yes

EGR done----------Yes

Snorkel ---Yes

EGT Boost---------

EGT Sensor-------50mm from dump pipe flange

Cruise temp-------@100k, 7-11psi, 280-400C

Cruise temp-------@110k, 8-12psi, 350-430C

Tow Temp---------Don't know, don't tow

City temp-----------200-350C, 5-10psi

Tyre size------------265/75/16

Chip------------------nul, none zip, zilch, bugger all.........SO FAR

Exhaust------------3 inch hi flow cat into stock pipe and sports muffler (str8 thru)


Lift Pump------------Carter

Fuel Eco L/100----Best 10.5----------worst 13.5 average 12ish

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