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Hi all from wa

Big gu

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Well hi all I have a 2.8td GU it's my first patrol but not my first 4wd

I'm a mechanic by trade and a brake and clutch specialist however I'm working in the mining industry at this time and all going well will be going back to doing an apprencship as a fitter machinist

Having access to all the catalogs I do when I get a second or three I might put together a list of part numbers for parts that fit the different models thinking I'll start with brake parts first then other areas

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Well I started work on it I thought bugger it and have put it on an excel spread sheet with every other number I can find what I'm hoping is anything I miss can be added by other member and it made a sticky in its own heading just for part numbers of after market parts that fit your model so far I have all the brake clutch and coolant hoses and filters belts plugs both types of fuel anything else to add to that before I start putting in number

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