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Quick overnight stop at Capricorn Roadhouse Newman


Swags at El Questro


Relaxing area at El Questro Pentacost River in the background.


The sites at El Questro were the secluded sites.



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Black wolf 300 plus with a oz trail deluxe gazebo for us. Nice and simple for the long stays and short one just the tent

Never seen anyone else use a gazebo before. I have a 6x3M and it's bloody great.

The original walls were useless so I got some good HD tarps which do a side and and end each and I fold in to create a floor.

The roof has never leaked despite the fact I always fold the thing up with it on which you aren't supposed to do.

It does move around a bit in the wind but I have added extra tie down points which help it stay firm. Mine is only a cheap chinese ebay thing I really just bought to see how practical they would be as I didn't want to buy a good one to find out it wasn't suitable for what I wanted. I bought the one I have in 2008 and I must have used it 30 times by now and even had it up in the yard for a month and it's still good as new.

For the $200 odd I paid as against about $1500+ for the good ones, I'll just buy a new roof when the old one starts to leak and a whole new setup when the frame goes.

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Hey guys, after easter trip i sent the blackwolf in for warranty repairs, ( some stitching coming apart on the pvc floor near the leg) anyway blackwolf just replaced it with a brand new one. As we have just put a deposit on an Ultimate Xtrk we no longer need the blackwolf. I am selling it for $ neg if anyone wants a brand new one never used. Send me a PM. Grab a bargin. There is a picture above in my previous post. Great Family tent!

Sorry admin if i shouldn't of posted this here, couldn't see anywhere for it.


Cheers Olly

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