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My Explorer Camper Trailer

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In July 2011 I purchased an Explorer Campers Lawson Off Road camper trailer. I purchased it second hand but it was only 11 & 1/2 months old.

Here are the pics from when I got it..

I've since upgraded the batteries and electronics and purchased extra canvas to complete the annex walls.
















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The trailer came with a single 100AH Remco AGM battery which was good for a few days powering the lights and fridge, but I can go for longer so I upgraded to dual Remco 100ah batteries, a Victon Battery Monitor, CTek Dual 250S charger and a Jaycar Pure Sine Wave Inverter - which unfortunatly never gets used.. I might give it the flick. I also have a 120w folding solar panel kit (ebay) and I can now run my CF40 fridge, all my lights, phone charges etc for almost indefinate periods of time - as long as I get mostly sunny days :-)

Ive doubled the number of cig lighter sockets at the rear of the trailer and added an anderson plug for the fridge. Now I can charge everyones phone, run the fridge and some lights all at the same time.

On the side of the front box I installed the Victron monitor and a solar panel input socket (Hella)












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Bloody awsome, when combined with the victron battery monitor... Thou, if I had my time over again I would get the full blown redarc BMS - http://redarc.com.au...nagement-system which can be had for under a grand now on ebay.. When you add up the cost of the victron (~~250) the ctek Dual 250 (~$270) and then a 240v battery charger its not quite as high as the BMS, but the BMS would be a more elegant solution.

I also have a BCDC 1220 in my car which charges the 2nd battery in the car. All works perfectly.

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How do you find the drifta draws/kitchen?

I was thinking about getting one made up to replace my home made draws.. the drifter ones look good and are not over priced.

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The drifta kitchen is fantastic - Cant speak highly enough of it.

The pull out draw is also brillent however if I was starting from scratch I would prefer that the trailer had a slide out draw INSIDE the trailer for clothes and a smaller slide out draw at the rear of the trailer with a smaller draw.

Sometimes pulling the draw all the way out to get the stuff right at the back is a pain because it pulls out right up against the bench. Honestly thou, if your trailer is allready built and you want a draw solution the drifta is the go.

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