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Mitchgq Td42 wagon build


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ok here it is..

Bought the old girl a couple years ago for 2k with a blown head gasket and a horrible bullbar.25052009001.jpg

So with the head gone the first thing was to get her running, she had 149.000km on the clock i belive this is accurate as she felt amazing to drive nothing worn or clunking and the obvious things like gear knob and steering wear indicated that i had picked a winner, but the head was a worry so off it came.

The good news is no major problems! got the head shaved and all valves got a grind and springs were checked and no cracks in the head, precomp were ok, all for 700 neat.

new headgasket and we had it running. Next was the rust in the body, abit in the barn doors around the winscreen and fire wall join.

So that horrible bullbar was next to get the chop! i was on a tight budget and was living far from home and the workshop so i hit up ebay and got a cheap ass mig some free 25nb pipe and belted out a tube bar, ugly but it filled the hole for a road worthy.


next was some rubber! 33x12.5x15 bighorns



passed roady and shortly after that its first trip out.


really happy with its performance being my first 4by. Went everywhere i pointed it with no lift and 33's.

With no money to spend for awhile i started to strip the 20yr pinstrip decal...omg what a pain in the a##!!!

painted the sunnies and just drove it!


it started to feel abit to slow so some inprovements were made, being on a tight budget i made everything i could myself, manifold, dump, 3inch exhaust, cooler pipe work were all made in my crappy car port with a **** house mig.





Fitted the turbo along with pyro and a zd30 airbox and i was happy with the improvement

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time for some bling:D



did not stay bling for long...neva buy polished rims...


pretty much how it sits today. i have strenghnd the lower control arms, half way making some sliders and rear bar...fitted a 32 inch light bar from jet-6(awesome) arb compressor. uhf, rope for the winch. the usuall mods.


this was taken in yeppoon near the orange bowl i think 6 or 9 mile beach??

ill throw up some pics now of trips as theres not much going on right now.

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