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3" exhaust


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I'm just sitting in Ipswich now waiting for my 3" Scott's rods exhaust to go on.

I've got the dtronic and cc inter cooler so this should be interesting, especially since I've been humming and haaing about it for 9 bloody years!

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I just thought it looked to bloody hard and I'm too lazy!

Leave it to the experts!

Well driving home from Ipswich to the goldy was interesting.

My truck has 285s, bullbar, full length rack, winch, two choca rear drawers, back seat full of work gear, and 3 ladders on the roof, so not very aero dynamic, I'd hate to think what it weighed!

It also has dtronic, cross country i/c, Dawes/needle valve and now the exhaust of course.

I can't say it felt like it accelerated much better and was a bit disappointed.

I did start to notice the difference going up the first decent hill doing sixty though.

Normally I have to start flattening it to the point where it drops back a gear but it just coasted up on light throttle! And lost no speed.

On the highway it definitely coasts along a lot easier to the point where I'm expecting to save a bit of juice.

Turbo temps are prolly down anywhere between 20 & 50 to 60 degrees overall.

Just an idea of how it runs overall, at 110 kph it revs at 2350rpm, turbo roughly 330 ish and boost around 14 pound, boost always seems high to me but seems to performs well. If I wind down the needle valve the turbo temp rises instantly, so I leave it on max.

I'll keep an eye on it, I'd expect the turbo temp to be around 300 at that speed, what are others getting?

I'll report back in a week or so re fuel, I always get around 5.8 to 6.5 kpl, usually right on 6.3, so hopefully she'll save me some money.

I suspect the big wheels are partly to blame for the high thirst.

I wish I had have put the damn exhaust on when I bought it.

Hopefully it'll hall the van a bit easier!

That's the main reason, more power and torque.

Sorry about the long read.



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Excellent, congrats on the new zorst! I've heard really good things about Scotts rods so it sounds like you have made a good choice.

You may find that the turbo may spool up faster with the freer flowing exhaust, but it sounds like you are onto that..

Definately makes s difference in egt, when I went to a beadesert 2 3/4 straight thru with hf cat I noticed the power and temps straight away.

Yours may be different, but I had to have my dump pipe replaced under warrenty as the support bracket broke. The new one was different and went to another hole..

I had mine fitted too, they had to modify it to go past my diesel gas tank.

Congrats again ! Get out there and enjoy it!

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I'm the same as you Nutta, wish I'd done it sooner. Although I went the Beaudesert 2.75, the car just felt so much nicer to drive straight away but my original one was shagged. EGT's down and fuel usage down so it definately has helped it. Let us know how yours goes with the fuel useage when you can.

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3" made a big difference on my patrol with more grunt , quicker spool up of the turbo and a nice turbo whistle when backing off. Have done over 20,000 km since fitting and have had no problems even when towing a loaded 20 ft caravan in the middle of summer

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