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Stoner quits


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Maybe he and his wife just want more kids and would like to be able to give them a normal childhood?

If that ends up being the case then I take my hat off to him.

I think far from being boring he has shown time and time again that he is man who is always willing to stand up for his convictions, whether popular or not.

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Ok, have/has anybody thought of the commitment made by him, at the level that he races at????????

You have to respect the fact, that he didn't, drag it out, to the end of the season but choose to tell everyone at this point. Unless you have competed at a high level of compition, you really can't judge him. ;)

My opinion is! Rossi is someone that thrives on publicity, good or bad but Stoner is someone that just does the job and would prefer to be left alone, off track. ;)

Stoner can adapt to a bike, that is unrefined (Ducati) Rossi cannot and this is where the difference is! :)


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