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Today wasn't a bad day.


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This morning was OK, pretty average with nothing much happening ( as usual) but the afternoon picked up quite nicely.

Had an appointment to go see someone about a contract type Job. I was confident I'd get the gig after having spoken to them on the phone and being worth about $10K, was rather keen to get it.

Much to my great satisfaction, not only did I get that job, but a bigger one was well with one of their other centres.

All up about $25K worth of work over a month. Should start in about 2-3 weeks.


When I got home I had an email for another gig I put in for ( way back last year) and they wanted to find out If I was still available in 2 weekends time. That one will probably be worth another $1500 for the morning/ early afternoon.

This evening I have got 4 requests out of the blue from 4 attractive and pretty well established models to shoot new folio material for them. One of the agencies must be having an update of their comp cards, talent sheets or website.

2 of the girls although established seem to have a lot of potential to go a lot further and the other 2 are moving into presenting and TV work.

As well as getting the gigs themselves, it will be good to get some of my work around with the right people with potentialy more leads. Haven't done much with agency models in a while so that will be a bit of fun getting back into that and see how it goes.

Also had another "model" contact me this morning who is interested in shooting some highly dignified material for those with a reverse Mensa intellect. Those garbage T&A mags are an easy if not great earner. but god I wonder what sort of blokes would regularly buy them?

Any woman that is prepared to get her gear off and hasn't previously been run over by a cattle truck will get in and the photographic technical requirements don't go much past get her bits in the shot, get her bits in decent focus and have enough light so her bits are easy to see. Submit about 100 frames and they will print 4-6.

It's money I can well use, it's easy work and I might even get a cover for a tear sheet out of it so I'm happy.

I can definately go out and buy some new gear now but I'll also have to get stuck into redoing all my computers and servers I have been putting off.

Anyway, all in all a pretty good day for me.

Funny how there's nothing or it comes all at once though.

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