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Salt Creek June Long W/End

GQ Beast

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Well im'e of in da mornin!! gotta leave about 6 AM to get on the beach track before high tide, Then head north about 30 K's. Here's the track last week and it wasn't high tide yet. So my ass cheeks will be workin overtime!!!

Bring on the Salmon, Sharks and Mulloway, been good reports last couple of weeks.


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Back last night, had a bloody ball, fishin was shyte but, next time! And got bogged in the shellgrit, shoulda known better LOL's, track on the way out was just a ripped up mess!!! Never seen as many boggings down there, half with highway pressure's . They'll learn for next time. Seems everyone's getting the message about taking there rubbish, Was impressed how clean it was. August next trip, The salmon will be smashin sinkers even then. lol

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LOL Dronus, Yeh the piss comes into it , keep seein green glowy things on top of the rods, then fall over three times in the soft sand on the way to the rod, then pick up rod and leave drag loose, and wind for an hour thinking your on.

We had an absolute ball, first time meeting some of the fella's, All top blokes!!!! I go down alot on me own, then its next to the rod all night. With the Mut near me.

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