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Hilly Bo

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Hi there, My name is Bill Hohepa and I live in Auckland. I know that's no where near Australia but a Nissan is a Nissan. Some say we should just become another Aussie state.

I saw this website and thought I could,(a) find some helpful info, and (B) perhaps offer some.

A bit about me, I do a variety of things including produce TV shows about 4x4 treks around NZ. I also organise 2 week 4x4 treks on a follow the leader basis usually during January and we film these for our show. Just ordinary people in the ordinary 4WDs facing the challenges that 4WDing puts up. Most of the trucks that come with us are Nissan Patrols and Nissan Safaris as they are the trucks that are strong enough to cope with the often heavy terrain we go over.

Here are some pics of our last trek:









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