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Hi there!! I'm Michael and am only new to 4x4's. I own a 05 GU with 110000k's pretty stock apart from bull bar, cb and arb air lockers. Was wondering how big a tyre I could put on the stock alloy rims and saw a post on the Patrol forum about the nads which led me to this site. Am really impressed with the amount of knowledge on here and am looking forward to you all helping me slowly upgrade my rig.

I have decided to go with Mickey Thompson MTZ 285/70/17 as I only have stock suspension. Next was going to be a winch and 3" lift with superflex arms until I red about the nads. Now looks like I'll be doing that instead. Does anyone know the best place to get gauges? I have seen so many different prices for what looks to be the same gauge.

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Hello and welcome to the forum.


Depending in which state you are based you may not be legal with such tyres which itself means not much but in the case of being involved in an accident situation may change in to very unfavourable for you....... in SA for sure you'd have to get engineering certificate($$$) for tyres and the lift to be clean.


NADS are probably safer.

First order of biz should be Provent catch can, followed by pyro and boost gauge (you may well use ECUtalk LCD display box similar to Scangauge to read boost actually straight from ECU)

As for where to get gauges? E-bay perhaps but be vary of really cheap crap.

I use Auber digital LCD units quite affordable, have extra functions (minimum/max values stored)but they're different from your typical round 2" units.


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