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Patrol Y62 exposed


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Hey m8, do you know where to get the Y61 Tm?

This ain't the whole manual but something similar to Y62 training manual -->

ZD30 CRD 2008 training academy

If you wanna get manual you'll need to sign up to that site --> www.nissanpatrol.com.au

You'll need to have at least 25 posts against you name and than you can download the full workshop manual. Easy to do, introductions about yourself and your rig, couple of opinions on subjects you are well versed in and presto.

It won't be the latest version (2013) but a lot applies anyway. Probably yours being under warranty you don't wanna start fiddling with it just yet.

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  • 2 years later...

Mate, that wasn't workshop manual anyway, it was technical presentation to Nissan dealerships staff.

Basically 163 pages of overview of the Y62 features and changes to existing protocols and technology used etc, publisehed by Nissan training department. If you still interested then drop me a line and I'll email you some, its just 15 Mb pdf file.

If you want actual workshop manual then search the net also for Infinity QX56 which is a sister model of Y62 ( indeed Nissan's  way of introducing new Patrol which it isn't technically as Infinity brand has been around in US or over the decade....basically Y62 is rebadged US Infinity with some cosmetic changes.....LOL) there are some copies of those floating around for sure.....


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