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What Series is the 2013 Patrol Wagon

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Ok I got a y61 Diesel, Manual, GU patrol wagon 2013 - ZD3.0? Can only find manuals up to 2011 (2005-2011 Haynes) Has there been any changes in the vehicle since then which this/these manuals won't have? When looking for info can I use 2008/09/10 etc stuff? Also what series is the 2013? And is it a 1Hzt etc. Just looking around and so many variants. I know I brought the best real 4x4 - Nissan Patrol but that's it. :D Also what manuals are out there to pull the dash off etc, other than striping the engine down. Come Get Some - Sent from my iPhone

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2013 should be GU8 series.

For dash board stripping you can use older manual, that's all the same.

There are changes to suspension and brakes, part of ESP package so out goes LSD and in comes rear factory locker as standard I'm led to believe. So perhaps changes to ABS in that order.


There maybe some upgrades to engine ECM and fuel injection but it is basically the same on the outside all just minor tweaks. Nissan is only flogging the dead horse now in other words waiting for the Y61 series to go become obsolete by the 2016 unless they decide to put newer motor in as ZD30 will not comply with EU5.



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