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setting cam timing on zd30

dawg runner

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Stupid Newby mistake. Pulled head off 180 out and it was not marked when cams came out and the idler pully has been spun around as well so i think i am in a spot of bother.


I had my head checked and it was not cracked and pressure tested fine, ( he did say there were some minor cracks but they are not causing any dramas )  valves are all seating fine so he is decking it and i will get a new thicker gasket and new bolts and new gasket and slap it back together.


When i put head back on how can i make sure the cams are in the right position and also get the idler pully back in the right position. When i took timing chain off i cable tied it to both pulleys so it has not moved so the keyway should line one of the cams back up but just not not sure about other cam and idler pully.


I hope i have missed something and it is a simple fix. Flame away if you feel the need becasue it is as i say a newbie stupid mistake but just don't want to cock it up when i put back together.


Any help really appreciated.





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All is not lost but you just have extra work to do. It appear that you can turn engine over with head installed but not camshafts so you can use this without damage(leave glow plugs out). I'd fit it all (timing chain, idler gear) back temporarily to the same spot as prior removal but would not fit camshafts and than rotate the engine to correct position than check if timing marks align than drop the chain and idler gear and refit/reset with the cams.  So long the crankshaft and injection pump are on No1 TDC you can manipulate the rest of the valve train.






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