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A top new site, you4wd.com


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Check this out.. Made by a fellow patrol head here in aus.


Hi everyone' date='

Well here it is, after 12 months of part time and painful work, I have finally finished the website!!!

The link is below but please have a quick read of what It's all about and why I developed it.

Whenever I go to a new area to 4wd I always jump on Youtube to check out the tracks, etc but found it hard to find related videos of the area.

Example: If you type WoodsPoint 4wd, etc into Youtube you get a lot of results but tracks aren't named on the videos and most of the videos of the area you never find due to the lack of keywords used. There are literally millions of videos on Youtube named incorrectly such as "Joe Blow big hill climb" or "Andy deep bog hole", etc.

I have developed a website which has pulled in thousands of Youtube videos onto a map of the world exactly where the video was taken, (place marked on Google Maps).

So now if you are going to a new area or simply want to check out some videos in a particular area just zoom into the area on the map and all the videos will pop up where the video was taken on the day.

If you log in to the website using your Google account / Youtube account you can even chat and leave comments on each video similar to how Youtube works. You can also follow other users so if you see a video that you like you can click on the user to check out their other videos, follow them and get updates if they upload any more, etc.

There is also an option to upload your own videos to the map by either putting the place mark of where the video was taken on a map or even manually entering the Longitude and Latitude coordinates.

The hardest part to this but the best part is that I have developed applications to use on android or iOS devices. The applications are purely a record and upload feature of your videos so if you are taking a video of a 4wd track or someone 4wding then use the app. The app automatically records your GPS location whilst you are recording.

Once you finish recording simply upload the video to the map or save it to upload later on when you get back to wifi. This is a very user friendly way to record videos and the application will know exactly where that video was taken to upload to the map and automatically put the place mark of the video in the spot it was taken from. Saves a bucket load of time trying to remember where each video was taken or recording the coordinates yourself!

NOTE: When you are signed in with your Google/Youtube account you are actually uploading the videos to your own Youtube account. The app talks with Youtube, uploads it to your own Youtube account as normal but we intercept it, grab the GPS location and the video link from Youtube once it has uploaded to show on the website.

So as above, please consider using the app's next time you record any 4wd videos as it will build the database but you will still have the videos on your Youtube account as normal.

A mammoth amount of time has gone into this to the point I gave up many times. No one has really done anything like this and I hope it kicks off purely as a fun media outlet of what we love. Not just a database of mid to extreme off road but it could also be used for people to check out track conditions for tourers and all sorts. Obviously tracks and conditions change but if we can spread the word and keep the videos fresh it could end up being a handy feature for all different types of offroaders.

I want to build an enormous database of georeference 4x4 videos so if anyone, anywhere in the world is looking for 4x4 videos or searching any part of the world for new tracks or checking out their local areas they jump on the website.

But...I need your help please ladies and gents!

I'm hoping that due to the fact there is no competition out there and knowing that a lot of you are members on different forums and from different parts of the world that you can help me spread the word.

I would greatly appreciate if you can just post this above or just mention this site on any other forum, Facebook, Twitter, the neighbour Bob, whatever to please get the word out there and get this website known.

Especially our overseas members as I am going to struggle trying to get it noticed in certain parts of the world in particular non predominantly English speaking countries.

Anyways....Appreciate any feedback folks, the apps were a nightmare and no doubt will find some bugs from time to time but I hope you like it!!!

Feel free to download the apps, use the site, record some videos and upload them, chat on the videos if you like, go nuts!!!

The site


Kallen Westbrook

Owner of

Westy's Accessories

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Yea I thought so, so I've shared it.

It'll take time to build and there are some missed vids on there.

The producer wrote a code which pulled all vids with a geo tag within a certain search criteria and it pulled some huge amount. He went threw and cleaned out some 3000 odd dud vids but did miss some.

If you do find something just comment on it and Andy will remove it.

All comments are seen by Andy, and all New vids have to be approved.

Looking forward to using it..

Kallen Westbrook

Owner of

Westy's Accessories

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