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Daves 2003 zd30 patrol


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New to the site. I am from Ryde area in Sydney. I did have the user name Dawg runner and posted a couple of things, but i had to create another (sorry mods) as my mother decided to cancel our email ( and i forgot my password ) to go with another provider. You know, one of those call you up, we can do a better deal type calls. Thanks mum!

Anyway, 2003 zd30 patrol 175000kms, lifted, snake arms, disonnects, lockers, milweld sliders, tjm bar, winch, hid spotties, muddies, NADS ( dawes, needle, catch can, egr block, boost, EGT guages, snorkel. I have owned it for about a year and everything above was on it apart from NADS.

Wish list

CC intercooler. This will be off the list soon. On its way. Should get here next week. Woo Hoo!

Roof racks so i can install my awning.

Rear bar with wheel & gerry can carriers.


I try to get out in the bush as much as i can, but the reality is, i would only get out once a month on average. I generally go to the wattigan mountains, blue mountains and Menai.

I have only really had 1 major issue being the head cracking but overall i am extremely happy with it. The head was my fault in that i didn't spot a leak in a heater hose and it cracked on the way home from wollongong. Started up the morning after and white smoke and all though i didn't want to beleive it at first, sure enough, the head was cracked. Got out of it for $1500 doing work myself, including all bits and pieces. Not too bad.

Thanks to everyone for giving me info on the previous issues i have had under my old username. Hopefully i can asssit some people along the way as well. I will get some pics up soon of my rig.



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