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ZD30 Patrol power loss currently on Gold Coast


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I have a 2003 ZD30 Patrol.


I am currently in QLD on holidays from Sydney. I am experiencing extreme power loss and I am not to sure what is going on.

The engine has nads ( dawes with HD spring, needle, catch can, EGR block, egt & boost gauges ) staunbaur chip.


I drove it up from Sydney and it was running great. I had to tweak the needle a little as it was cruising on 15psi eventually getting it to cruise at 100 at about 10psi. I took it to fraser island and I was extremely happy with it on the sand and then I stopped for lunch after driving from Bottom of island to kingfisher bay and it became an absolute dog with no power.


The only thing that that was out of the ordinary ( that I know of )  was coming up the last hill before getting to kingfisher I heard this chattering noise when reversing back to get out of someone's way but it went away as soon as it happened so I thought nothing of it. I later worked out that my bottom piece of fan shroud had somehow become dislodged and got chewed up a little by the engine fan.


The car is still boosting to 15psi but it does go down a little if I keep my foot into it to 11-12 psi.


So far I have


Removed battery terminals for 30 mins. Drove from Noosa to Eumundi and still the same.


Checked air filter and it is clean.


Tested boost gauge by putting 15 psi up the line to it and bang on.


Dawes is opening at 15 psi.


Replaced fuel filter to rule it out. Blew some compressed air back up line to the tank and it went through fine.


Took a fuel sample and clean as a bell & no water.


Removed maf to see if it was dirty and it was fine but I cleaned with MAF cleaner anyway.


Checked codes by jumping pins 1 & 8 on diagnostic plug and got codes 0505 which is no code detected.


Checked all around fan shroud for any damaged wiring and the wiring is a fair way from it so nothing found there.


Removed inter cooler and found a little oil on the underside. I am little worried about this but as it is still boosting to a decent level I thought it couldn't be cooler but please correct me if I am wrong. For the record I do have a cross country cooler waiting for me when I get back. I did have some issues about 2 weeks prior to leaving with high boost levels when trialling different springs in dawes. My inline filter was cracked and was not getting correct reading on gauge and potentially could have pushed the cooler over its limit, but as I said it was fine all the way up to QLD and up until lunch on Fraser island 2 days ago.


The EGTs are staying extremely low. I keep my foot flat to floor in 5th for 20 seconds or so and it does not go above 300 degs.
Even going over gateway bridge in bris and they would not go above 300deg.


Everything in my head says it is fuel related but hey that is my petrol head talking


I am currently on the gold coast and leaving on Thursday. I think it will get home but I would really like to try and put a finger on what da heck is going on before I make the trip home.


I am thinking of taking it to an auto elec to see if they can plug into diags and come for a drive with me to see if there is anything to be seen there.


Does anyone else have any ideas? Also are there any members on the gold coast that would be happy to lend us a hand with a fresh pair of eyes .


I would really appreciate anyone's help.


Thanks in advance.





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When you say extreme power loss, is it intermittant or constant? If intermittant, what are the circumstances? I wonder if the damage to the fan shroud has sent a bit of junk into the crank angle sensor and upset it. Hmm! you drove right past my place on the way from Fraser to the Gold Coast.


I wouldn't worry too much about the oil mist on the IC they just about all weep at some stage.

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G'day mate,


I'm glad you have sorted it out,  in situations like these ECU Talk display or cable and ECUTalk software on the laptop are invaluable  for identifying faults like these. I'd be lost without one.



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