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Steering wheel airbag removal...

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If you want to access the horn, audio controls or remove steering wheel the airbag needs to be removed.


Important safety tip here is to disconnect battery/s and wait about 5 mins before tackling the job.


1. Remove plastic cover on either under side of the steering wheel covering airbag assembly screw,





2. You'll need tamper proof Torx T30 to undo the screws (one on either side of the steering wheel)




3. The assembly is now free to be removed, however the airbag, horn audio and cruise control cables if fitted need to be disconnected after the assembly withdrawn sufficiently to obtain access.










Installation is reversal of the procedure with following:


After fitment, insert ignition key but leave in off position, open driver and passenger doors and reconnect batteries. Stand outside and turn ignition key on and if everthing is OK airbag light will go out and all is well. Check horn operation, audio and cruise controls if fitted.



Manipulating airbag assembly should be done with caution as it is pyrotechnic device and serious injury or death can result if it triggered due to being mishandled. Never short its wires or contacts or use multimeter to test its circuit. Store in safe open location when not in use.

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