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Max Tracks or Ricks Tracks?

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Hi fellas, I'm heading down to the Victorian High Country in December & I wanted to make sure I have the ability to recover myself from any predicamant that I may get myself into. A set of Max Tracks or TREDS was high on my wish list but the price they were asking for them I just couldn't justify, so I came up with these, I call them "Ricks Tracks", total cost $70 (8 water drain covers from 'Masters', and some zip ties.

I tied 2 together side by side as I couldn't get them any wider than 100mm, to give a total width of 200mm X 1100mm long, much the same as the Max Tracks & TREDS, but for less than 1/4 of the cost for 4 treads! The more zip ties you put on the better grip you will get, make sure they are good quality zip ties.

I have tried them in sand and they work a treat, I'm pritty sure they will work well in the mud too.

Have a great day guys049.gif






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