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Factory Diff Locker

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can anyone tell me where to get my factory Diff locker repaired in Brisbane.  Prior to upgrading from the factory solinoid, it was locking and staying locked after sitting for a few days, some times it would disengage when starting the car, but on a few occassions it wouldnt unlock until after driving several hundred meters and would disenage with a bang/clang. Hind sight is 20/20 I should have stopped and swapped the vacuum hoses around, but when I got around to upgrading from the factory solinoids to an MAC, I got two 4wd trips in after the upgrade before another loud bang/clang. now when I turn the diff locker on it sometimes locks but more often I hear the sound of the teeth clanging trying to lock and stay locked, I've seen and read on these forums about people who have taken out the "dog gear" and taken it to places to be welded up etc. I'm no able to take the "dog gear" out my self. and after having declined a couple of invitations to go 4wding am keen to get the diff locker fixed, so any suggestions on where to take it to in  Brisbane  or Ipswich surrounds in Qld would be appreicated... 


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