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Fuel consumption and turbo charger noise on new 2014 Patrol ST auto


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I have a new Y61 Patrol ST Titanium limited edition. Auto model. Only done 1200 klms


First two tank refills of 80 litres each got only 473 and 479 kilometres respectively. I was horrified with this result.


Have only done general around town running but do not flog the vehicle.


In addition, I am getting a wirring/whoosing noise coming from the engine bay. The Nissan mechanise isolated it to the turbo charger, recorded the noise and has sent it to Nissan engineers to hear.


Could a turbo charger problem be a cause for the high fuel consumption? I am not a mechanical person so any comment/ advice would be appreciated.




PS: I have also posted this item at another forum

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G'day mate,

That fuel consumption works out to be around give or take 17 L/100 which seems to be standard eco on a few CrD Y61 Patrols. Some are even worse and Nissan is washing their hands of it, always the owners fault by fitting accessories, having lead foot, overloading, towing and generally anything the owners would do but Nissan's issue.

Just in case you wanted to hear it all ==> crd bad fuel economy discussion thread all 51 pages of it.

Faulty turbocharger can increase fuel consumption especially if it is also associated with poor performance. Now this needs to be read in context of the fail, basically turbochager failing to reach its operating boost pressures because either the operating controls malfunction (vacuum leaks for example), leaks (exhaust or induction side), incorrect adjustment or lack of fuel injected which is than another area of problems.

At this stage Ni$$an will be reluctant to even consider your poor eco complaint because of low km travelled.

Welcome to the Ni$$an customer service, you will not be pleased. Since the vehicle is under warranty make sure to make noise and if needed get consumer affairs involved.

I hope they'll fix it for you but have little confidence after reading that Nissan mechanic recorded the noise and sent it to engineers to do what exactly? To weasel out of fixing it under warranty terms by telling you that nothing is wrong or that because you have a tow bar, roof rack, bullbar and spot ligths the fuel eco is affected and you will have to pay to have them removed to test/disprove such claims. I kid you not, a Ni$$an stealer tried to weasel out of such cases before with those claims.

You will be lucky to achieve combined figure around 12-13L/100 km under the 'running in' conditions and with extra accessories fitted.

The noise could also be a leak on exhaust manifold or turbo base flange (very common but on brand new vehicle is a bit odd)

It could also be the induction side where boost leak could cause whistling noise under load.

Any mechanic worth his toolbox should be able to identify these causes pretty quickly without needing some engineering monkey to advise.

I'm sorry this is probably not what you want to hear but incompetence of Ni$$an st$alers and their staff is legendary.

Good luck

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Hello newbie


ive got the exact same car, with the exact same issues.


I have had 2 other patrols ,, 2003 models. clocking up 750000km between them, great cars.


I bought this one over the phone, I figured the same great car with a few new bells and whistles, wrong!


this thing is a lemon.


every single change they have made is a shitter.


the big ones are the stupid growling  noise every time you take your foot off the throttle or resonating at 70kmh  and the shitty fuel econ , im getting around 15. my 450000km 2003 patrol gets 10's



voice control , what a joke, I have long conversations with the thing, when driving, never does it provide a useful nav function.

in fact I think it will only find addresses in the actual suburb you are in, when moving, by voice, you have to stop the car to navigate to a new town, by voice, whats the point.


then there is the aircon, vents way harder to operate than the old ones, relocated so they blow on your hands when trying to blow on your face. slow to cool the car (forgivable with the back vents but annoying as I drive 95% alone)


then the harsh steering wheel. hard and uncomfortable compared to the old rubber one.



mirror controls, sub tank controls ridiculous location, '


ugly flares compared to the old car.


mags poke out, rock magnets.

auto seems more notchy than the old one, hangs on to third gear too long.


What is good is the road noise is reduced ( substituted by turbo growl)


One thing I did that may interest you is that I disconnected the snorkel by removing the air filter and plugging the snorkel port into the air cleaner box , for a short trial, it made no difference , its not the snorkel , all the noise is from the engine.



im very seriously thinking about trading it. its done a whopping 8k.





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