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2008 zd 30 patrol engine problem loses power at 3000rpm


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Hi there,, everyone,

I'm Ben and Am new to this forum,

And also this is our first family 4wd . And are very excited to own one after years of working hard and saving,

I have a diesel zd30 patrol and It loses power at approx 3000rpm as if it hits the rev limiter and if it sometimes gets to 3500rpm it will stall( or the computer may shut the engine off)and to start the car you have to completely switch off the ignition and restart again , has anyone had any similar experiences? Or know what it could be?

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G'day mate, welcome to the forum.

I suggest you take it to the competetent workshop for diagnosis.

This could be caused by a few things but in either case MIL (malfunction indicator light or check engine lamp) should light up and DTCs(diagnostic trouble code/s) are set which will tell what the problem is. That would be my first check.

This does sound like fuel rail pressure problem or possibly accelerator pedal sensor playing up which is known problem on ZD30 with common rail (CrD) injection system.

I'd also change fuel filter just in case if no codes are present.


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