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Road and Bush tires and rims


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Just to start it off.

What tires and rims do you fellas run, how many swap from a road tire to a track tire when you want to go bush? And what have you found to be the tire of choice for you and what you drive please state also the driving condition you run that tire on.

I have try'd a couple now i dont have a on/off road tire cause im broke and can only afford the one set lol

I currntly am running 35x12.5x15 Maxxis Creepy Crawlers and am definitly in love with them off road but on road handleing can get a little exciting at times and road noise aint to bad when you think about the agression that tire has, i run mostly irt/rocky tracks with an occasion of mud and iv found them to be pretty good in the mud but i think they excell more on the rock crawling, they hate sand as i find out everytime i touch the crap they bite down and next thing you know your not going any where so i try not to stop at all unless its on the firmer sand areas.

Im running these tires on 15x10 neg44 offset rims i personally believe the rim is to big for the tire because as soon as you air down the beads roll off like butter in a hot fry pan. optionaly i would like to try them on a 15x8 neg30 rim with a beadlocker and really get the tires running low PSI so they can work to there fullset.

I will be going up to a 37" tire soonish and want to stick with the creepys as they have provin a very nice tire so far, but i think i might try the treps in the comp sticky spec, they seem to be the favourit amoung comp trucks so they must be good.

My favourit budget tire is definitly the Federal Couragers which range from small to 35" bias tire, when i was running Feds they where a very good all round tire with very minimum on road noise, i had 31x10.5 on 15x8 rims and then 33x12.5 on the same rims and unfortunitly didnt get the chance to try the 35" bias but seen a few runnign them and seem to be getting some good K's so far.

So what do you got? and like?

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I run 35" creepy's and LOVE them off road too especially on rocks. They have been wearing pretty fast of late so I Just run maxxis and BFG AT's on road, I usually don't swap them over but I wont be going off road for a while. Out of curiostiy, what PSI do you run on road?

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I ran the old style cooper STT as a summer tyre in 35' and simex extream trekkers in 35' for winter. The simex were un-believable in the slop, I wouldnt run anything else.

In the drier weather or rocks etc the standard muddies were just as good and you couldnt see the difference in wear from when you left for the trip and got back lol

If you do mostly dirt and rocky type stuff, I wouldnt bother with the expense and hassle of swapping tyres around all the time. It gets old very quickly believe me.

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