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gearbox / trans removal


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Hi all,


Just a quick question, in the process of having to rebuild gearbox due to shaft issues. i am going to remove the transfer case first then the gearbox. do both the transfer and gearbox need to be in neutral to split, or does it make no difference?



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Thanks Rumcajs, will leave both in gear.


One other question, what is the best way to get to the two bolts at the top of the bell housing?


i dont want a debate on how to drop a gearbox, ie engine in / out etc, so anyone who has done this with the engine in, how did you get to those two bolts, i can get a spanner in there (just) but it sits to tight to the firewall and i am unable to get hold of it. there is no room for a ratchet so thats out of the question.



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I haven't done it on Patrol but I've done plenty of trucks transmissions to know that if you can't get to bolts because the proximity to body, chassis, etc, angling the assembly until access is obtained is sometimes required.

I'm assuming that in this case loosening engine mounts (to allow flexing and pay attention to the fan shroud/fan assembly) and removing gearbox cross member then using jack under the tranny and engine sump lowering/angling the rear end until you clear the body.

I looked on Nissan manual and there is no mention specifically in regards to access to those bolts and when I looked at mine it is not just the bolts, the starter motor housing hump is fouling on the body too....


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Thanks Rumcajs


yes i had to remove the the cross member (though was my plan to do this last) this allowed for me to lower the rear enough to get a ratchet extension in there to undo the bolts, i had undone the bolts for the starter motor and this didnt cause me any issues at all.


yes the manual is not the greatest imho, but if thats the best they got it has to do.


i have scoured the net and quite surprised at the minimal information there is for gearbox's.


stage two will be a headache (pulling gearbox apart to replace stuffed gear and shaft) unfortunately no-one up here where i live does gearbox's and cant afford to freight it.


thanks again

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