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Just a hello from South Africa


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Hello all,


Just joined here and looks like a great site with loads of info. You guys are lucky here that the Patrols are quite plentiful. In South Africa, Nissan didn't put much effort into keeping the Patrol brand up where it should and the Land Cruiser took 1st place..... unfortunately


Buy hey.... I still believe the Patrol is the best vehicle for all environments. 


Just some pics of my Iron Maiden








I also belong to the South African Patrol forum you are welcome to visit if you want.......  www.patrol4x4.co.za

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There is a guy here in S.A. that makes them up. He is on the patrol4x4.co.za site. I will take a few pics and post them here for you. He has done a few mods for the Patrols. He's done some diff guards, and second recovery hooks fro the front.


Here is a few links to some of the stuff he makes. His name is Peter Connan





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