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  1. Sorry for the late reply and thanks.... so much to do ... so little time !! Appreciate the reply Rumcajs
  2. Welcome .... yip that is a very nice looking beast !!
  3. I got an e-mail from the patrol4x4.com site a few days ago telling me there was a reply to a thread i was following. When I click on it it won't open up that forum. It gives me an error - operation timed out. I spoke to some other guys with me here is South Africa that also check in on that site from time to time, and they also cannot get onto that site. Does anyone know whats happening there with that site?
  4. WOW.... nice looking motor works there !!!
  5. Welcome.... Doing a bore and oversize isn't going to make summer out of winter on a TD42. With a 22 (odd) :1 compression ratio, all you need is some quality rings on quality pistons with the machining work done by someone who knows what they are doing, especially if you are fitting new sleeves. The sleeves MUST either protrude slightly ( can't recall off hand by how much, or, second choice, be flush with the block. When I rebuilt mine about 5 years back, I fitted alfin type rings and pistons ( designed for turbo diesels ). Basically the more compression the more the rings squeeze against the sleeves, or the better they seal against the sleeves. A good quality head gasket of the correct thickness, and new head bolts and that motor will be running like a dream. I'm in South Africa so your budget is difficult to work on from my side, but a decent turbo with intercooler and an little work on the injector pump with a 3" exhaust and you should be good to go. It all depends on what power you want out of the Patrol. The Americans have a saying... " You can make a brick fly.... if you put enough power and money behind it"
  6. Be VERY VERY careful taking out the old glow plugs !!! Often there is a carbon build up on the glowing portion of the glow plug that makes it almost impossible to get out. If you wiggle or yank it out too hard you can break off that tip.... then you have major sheeeet !!! I had one on my TD42 many years back that gave me grief. I sprayed heaps of Q20 ( WD40 ) while relatively gently turning the glow plug. It took ages to get it out, but was still quicker than taking the head off to get the broken off piece of glow plug out. There may be easier ways, so hopefully someone jumps in and adds a suggestion
  7. It definitely is a bit faster here from my side. I just figured that due to the distance and our sometimes crappy internet speed at the office that this was why it was a little slower than average. Thanks for the update !!
  8. Welcome to the "other side".....hahaha !! Feel free to ask anything you may want some answers on, there are some clever guys here that know their stuff on the ZD30's
  9. I must say that you hit the hammer squarely on the thumb there. I feel EXACTLY the same as you have spelt out !!
  10. I'm no auto expert, but I agree with Rumcajs, do an oil change on the box and make very sure the small radiator in the front of the water radiator isn't blocked up with either mud, or grass seeds. A while back I had to do some major cleaning after a long trip we did. The power steering radiator, my aftermarket oil cooler and aircon condensor was packed solid with little grass seeds that wedged themselves between the fins of the various radiators. The power steering radiator was the least affected, due to the fins being spaced wider apart. It took me ages to clean out these radiators by myself, but maybe taking the front grill off and moving the radiators so you can force a water spray from the back to push the dirt out the way it went in will help and work.
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