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New to Nissan Patrol


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Just bough a nissan patrol vtc 4800 2016 model. long wheel base.

planning to go for a lift kit and some bigger tires and maybe wider wheels. I am new to this car and I would like to know your suggestions.

I know the following lift kits:(2")






let me know your suggestions based on previous experience and could be great if you can show some nice setups along with tires and wheels.



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Lift kits just raise chassis height and bigger tyres wheels raise both chassis height and ground clearance.

In Australia max legal raise allowed without a permit is 50 mm and that includes both chassis/body lift and tyres/wheels increase except in South Australia which is yet to recognize/harmonize Australian VSR especially VSB14 (Vehicle Standards Bulletin) in case of tyres/wheels for 4WD vehicles where increase is only 15 mm to overall nominal diameter unlike others complying to VSB14 50 mm.

In either case most people take the liberties so they do 2" lift kit (52 mm) and 1" to 2" (25 -50 mm) tyre/wheel diameter increase so they end up going 100 mm or 4" hence higly illegal, e.g. if your car is equiped with 275/65 R17 which is about 31" going to 285/70 R17 or 285/75 R16 will make it to 33" which is preferred size to most people.

In most cases, the sagging OEM suspension and ridiculously small wheels/tyres combo fitted to 4WD these days will hide this 4" increase and only trained eye will pick it up.

What manufacturers do is in order to pass all the safety bullchit they fit lower profile tyres and larger wheels for more sure footed ride on asphalt but completely unsuitable in terrain. Exactly opposite to what people buy these cars for in most cases I guess. With the advent of nanny state compulsory ESP/ABS/ESC these mods are almost impossible without affecting the behaviour of the OEM systems as most dealers have no hope or possibility to alter the settings.

The best compromise is to gain ground clearance by fitting larger tyres e.g. 33" and keep the suspension OEM and hope the change is recognized by the relevant ECUs. Not always the case.

There are a few horror stories around the GU 9 series with ESP/ABS/ESC or whatever NIssan chooses to call these technologies crap interfering profoundly even in the stock form. These things might be great in Falcodores and Corollas/Camrys but in 4WDs they're abomination and counter productive.

So the bloody Nissan instead of using 4.8 L brakes across the GU series, it fits lesser ones in ZD30 version and the end result is the shitty brakes. Mind boggling the automakers are but thats what you get when those are run by "bean counters and salesmen" instead of engineers.



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Thanks for that info man of wisdom Rumcajs , I agree with you changing just the tyre size as long as it doesn't rub of full lock under compression,its a nasty way to wipe flares out.

I did it on the prado that I use to own, went up to 32"  dam things rub on front mub flaps full lock. But gained 20mm more dif drain plug hight  and 5km per hr  on speedo.



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