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How to dodge Australia's mandatory retention scheme


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Unless you have lived under a rock or just returned from a very long trip to the Outback the outrages intrusion of Australian government in to individuals privacy has commenced a couple of days ago. 

In quick summary, every action you do online or using carriage service will be logged and kept for 2 years to be perused at will and most importantly without a court obtained warrant. Australian government agency can now profile and established from the digital crumbs one leaves behind a complete picture of what that person does, who he/she associates, and whereabouts. In another words we are all criminals now to be constantly watched. Nazis or Stasi or KGB could only dream about this kind of surveillance and have it been available to them there will be no freedom left anywhere. 

Anyway we can fight back so here it is ===>

How to dodge the mandatory data retention scheme

Further reading to often used phrase "nothing to hide nothing to fear" mantra, btw first used by Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

Nothing to hide argument


Sad times for Western democracy!

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hahaha... and here I thought we had it crappy in South Africa..... 


That actually sounds quite scary if they literally are taking away your freedom. So if someone sends you an e-mail that has some sexy woman strutting her stuff, they will also perv over it..... hahahaha.... unlimited porn for them to look at.... ( I better apologize seeing that everything is being recorded....) 

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it is a sad state of affairs mate. I'm certainly not laughing even though it could be funny or has a funny side. Major problem is that all the data  captured is available to majority of government agencies with no oversight, no warrant just browse through as you wish. it is also available to some other organizations like RSPCA (WTF for?) local government councils, charities and who knows else.

Probably the worst part of it is that they simply trawl through the data to compile dossiers on everyone and then start fishing for slip ups. Like in any other dictatorship or totalitarian establishment so North Korea, China, Saudi Arabia or indeed something closer to your neighborhood Zimbabwe come to mind.

These morons call themselves liberals and democrats, its a bad joke perhaps nightmare we were warned about long time ago by the likes of Orwell (1984).

It makes former Eastern Europe socialist block including USSR actual democracies as they never had this kind of surveillance and control.

I'm so fed up with these pseudo freedoms/democracy and idiotic population unable to see it.

Time to give up indeed.


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