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2015 GU patrol has one reversing light ?


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Hi guys I just notice the new patrol we got has one reversing light (passenger) side works.

I checked the drive side light and there is nothing, no bulb or wiring go the light housing WTF is this normal and is it hard to wire up.

Ive never had a new car with one reversing light.

Ok for get this post, I just found out its a ADR think in Australia were the light on the drivers side is illegal which is a load of crap to me as it would help the driver when reversing.

Some NOOB made a rule which does no make sense.

Looks light a light pole going in threw a switch for when we want to revers in dark spots.


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G'day mate,

Not all correct I'm afraid. Particular ADR says that rear lights must visible from certain side angle which in a case of spare wheel being mounted on the tail gate/rear door  means that many 4WDs don't comply and will need to add extra lights in the bumper. That's it!

What has created this "cluster fcuk" further is the greed of car makers when they realized that they don't need to fit the main body lights plus globes and harness and save 'some pennies' in the process while still charging you as if you had full option.....nice money earner for them.

Mitsubishi used supply both the full body lights and bumper lights now its a same as Nissan.

To correct this result is unfortunately your problem and your cost. Some if not all Nissan dealers in Australia will happily convert the "dummy lights" to full working body lights prior the new vehicle delivery if the customer is aware of the situation and requests the fitment.There are number of sellers on E-bay who sell genuine Nissan Middle East version of body lights variant + wiring harness. What you will get is top amber indicators, middle reverse and lower tail/brake combo. It works out about 100-200 per light assembly plus harnesses. This is not just Nissan and technically it is not ADRs fault.

You will need to keep the bumper lights in the place as well to be legal  after the conversion though.

Putting a light on the pole to act as reverse light is not entirely legal according to ADR as number of clauses apply so don't get caught by overzealous Mr Plod.

Most of us use dual function that is the light on the pole is officially a work/camp light (legal and allowed as long as it can only activated from rear) and reverse as well with extra over ride switching as to not attract attention. BTW even if you have both reverse lights in the Patrols body lights they still suck so having a "tele" or fixed pole on the back door with good wide spread LED lights assembly on it works the magic.


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I going to mount x2 waterproof  4" led lights in the rear bumper bar underneath running threw a switch from the dash so you can have it off and on when you want.

Hooked up to 2nd battery.

Our driveway witch we have to back down ( 20 to 30 degs) and has a small  turn in it so at night backing down to the patrol is dangerous.


Of course these will be camping lights>)


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