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ICV % low GU III Patrol


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Hi guys,

Been trying to find answers with ongoing problems, initially had suspected MAF issue with little to no acceleration, replaced MAF and acceleration was back now having fault codes for air flow and ICV % which is down to an alarming 8% but spike up to 100% at times all over the place.

I am preparing myself for a new injector pump if needed, but just interested in the wider patrol communities thoughts on this problem, any other cheaper fixes out there I can try first. 

I am unsure what the ICV % was before my issues as I've only just got my ECUTalk when my first fault code presented.


Thanks in Advance any info greatly appreciated.


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G'day mate,

Typicaly low ICV% can be caused by a lack of fuel in the injection pump. Fuel is used for hydraulic action of the timing device so any lack of it will drop ICV%. 

On that note, if you have blocked filter or priming pump on top of the fuel  filter housing (very common) which is allowing air in to fuel system you will have the symptoms as experienced. I'd start to investigate those first.


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