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  1. Will be soon. Got another new toy now. Under the hood along with new item which will be interesting after mods. Now may run an EBC.
  2. I remember years ago, I went with work mates to a Ronnie Johns (Chopper impersonator) show in Albury, the show was OK (most of material was the same stuff seen on TV) but after the show, we all walking down the stairs when Ronnie came out, our friend seen him and asked him to do a favour..... LOL She pulled her phone out and called her boyfriend, Chopper then got on the phone and told him to harden the f*** up and he was a pussy for staying at home. Priceless moment.
  3. I hope you have done the NADS before going near the ECU....? What are your Boost and EGT's like?
  4. That sucker holds the effective cranking power of a 1000CCA battery yet weights roughly 5 kilos. So I will have it sitting in where most would put a 35 kilo battery on turbo side of donk, will replace the cranking battery with deep-cycle battery. I can now crank the motor with very little Vdroop (voltage stays high rather than dropping low meaning slower and harder starts) while not having the extra weight. Jump on Youtube and watch some videos on the Maxwell caps or "Ultracapacitors"
  5. A new toy arrived today. 500 Farads @ 16V Seen here with e 3.5" HDD sitting in first shot for size comparison.
  6. Get a teaspoon of cement powder in ya and harden the f*** up.
  7. Morning matey, some good points there. The donk is doing around 2750 @ 100 (speedo is 3% under reading currently, double GPS checked) from memory (will have to check today when out-n-about) but hits the 3 grand when on the highway which is not where I want the revs especially when she has enough reserve to either drop the diff's to 4.11's or 3.9's but more so, the 35's. On the tyre size/legality front: I have spoken with a local engineer who said getting a mod-plate for the bigger boots and associated requirements should not be an issue. Braking, well that is a great point, the fact
  8. I can't really bitch about the rig, sure, a few more cubes of displacement would be nice and I certainly would love to see a Cummins 5.9L in there but for those wanting the TD42... Nope, I have enough torque on boost to have the tyres making plenty of noise on bitchy trying to grip. Hence why I am not too worried about the crowd who scream murder about 35's on a 3L. I will put some pics up on the weekend when doing some more work on it. P.S Diff gears are factory 4.33 which is a little different to what some sites claim of the 4.11's for the 3L manual. HG43 plated.
  9. I have found the straight-through systems to be nothing more than a droning mess. Hence why I went for the muffler. If you want Turbo whine that isn't a loud annoyance, fit a K&N filter that doesn't dampen so much of the intake whine from the snail. I also use a silicone hose to replace the awefull factory intake pipe and resonator.
  10. have a gander at my post on my ride.
  11. So here is my little rundown on the daily drive. The basics: 2004 GU ST-L Wagon ZD30 (270K+ on the dial) 5 speed man. 32.5" Michy boots The Under-Bonnet Mods: K&N filter Molded Silicon Induction tube (Air-box to Turbo) ProVent 200 Oil catch can Dawes Valve set at 17PSI Bleed Valve mounted in cabin just under handbrake lever 3" Turbo back Exhaust - Stainless muffler, No CAT (found HERE) EGR blocked Boost & Pyro gauges Extras: UHF Radio (Uniden POS, Simoco or Icom on way) Factory Steel wi
  12. Coppers along with other don't know what to do when they hear my little 3L "Blow-Off" when giving the beastie a little.
  13. ROFL, no wukkin furries matey. Always happy to stir the pot.
  14. Well, I think you have summed that up well. Yes, been in and out of forums for decades, plenty of twats and keyboard warriors, plenty make it very clear that their understanding of things is really just horse-shit. Well, I shall start making some noise, not huge fan of the TD42 crowd who love picking on the ZD30, mine hauls enough arse to make a few blush.
  15. Probably has more to do with local dealer. Mine was great, walked in, had no details with me, they looked up my rego plate, booked in for that week. Done. Got all my fluids excluding Engine Oil (Both Diff's, T'fer Case, Gearbox and PS) for 255 clams as well. Can't complain on that.
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