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Hullo there


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Greetings from the beautiful Blue Mountains, I am the proud owner of a 2003 zd30di Patrol, presently at 270k, (not blown yet!) have full nads and lots of goodies installed, I worked out recently that the value of the accessories is more than the value of the car itself!

So I have decided to stick with it whatever.

Only problem I have had was the vp44 IP, it showed very low icv% but was still drive able, I replaced it myself and the car drives better tan ever.

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G'day, welcome to the forum.

Makes yourself at home and feel free to share your experiences about Nissan Patrol or 4WDriving or life in general.

VP44 IPs are not the Bosch's masterpiece for sure, surprisingly though widely used prior the 'common rail' craze. The pumps pitfalls are easily managed by fitting decent lift pump and fuel cooler which sadly should have been fitted by OEMs as original design reference makes those an option where required. 


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