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If you have turbo fitted do you have a boost gauge fitted as well? That would tell you if the turbo is doing its job! Since this is the aftermarket turbo fit I can only guess that is it intercooled? Probably not so and I guess it doesn't have injection pump which compensates for turbo as well. If you have exhaust temperature gauge fitted as well you could see if there is enough fuel available by seeing higher EGTs climbing the hill ......

In any case these conversions usually only do to low boost turbo charging around 7-10 psi max therefore there isn't much to expect honestly.  If not done right the expected result is only marginal increase in output over the naturally aspirated engine. Yes, there are the slugs too.

You could take to specialist to have it checked on the dyno too for total output perhaps yours needs a bit a tune up (valve adjustment is critical on those).



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If you don't have a gauge to see what the EGT's are, I would strongly suggest getting one fitted. This will save your motor.

I stay in South Africa in the Johannesburg area which is around 1600m above sea level and a N/A diesel is a donkey at this altitude, Even though mine is a GU, it came out as a N/A (black top), but had had an aftermarket turbo and intercooler fitted. At this altitude, mine had the boost set at 0.5 bar ( 7 psi ) which is fine if you want to just toddle around, but if you can control the EGT's with getting the right amount of air to diesel you can push up the boost. I am currently running 0.8 bar ( 12 psi ) and mine pulls like a beast. Now if I floor it on a long uphill I can stay in 5th and cruise up the hill at 120km/h with my EGT's sitting at 600 deg C. My revs sit at just the sweet spot, but if the hill is steeper and the revs drop down ( or if the egt's go higher than 630 deg C ) then I slap it into 4th and can easily hold 110 to 115 Km/h up a hill with EGT's sitting between 580 and 610 deg C.

A mate of mine had same GQ with Safari turbo and front mount IC ( with 400 000Km on the clock ), and his would kick ass towing a huge camping trailer.

Another guy on the South African Patrol forum has a GU ( same as mine ) who has pushed the boost up to 1 bar ( 15psi )..... this was what he posted on the thread

" I upped the boost to 1 bar and it spikes to 1.1 bar, gave it some more fuel to match the boost and modified the aneroid fuel pin a bit to deliver a bit more fuel under full boost.

The results are higher than expected, but we will verify this at the next dyno day.....

181kw and 497Nm  " 

That is some pretty mean power right there.

Here is a link to his post if you want to do a little reading. 


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