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Adjusting Tappets on TD42 Silver top


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My 2000 GU had a heart transplant done by the previous owners from a 3Ltr which they blew up to a TD42 from a 1990 silvertop, Am trying to figure out how to remove the intercooler to get to the tappet cover to remove it so I can adjust the tappet clearances as they are getting a bit noisy.. if any one has tips on making the job easier please let me know, like do i loosen off the injectors or the glow plugs to make it easier to turn the motor by hand etc. but my primary challenge is getting to the tappet cover first...

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Skid, your intercooler I think is going to be trial an error way to remove it. I don't know what IC you have on there and how it was fitted, but usulally there are 4 dolts holding the IC onto either the motor or with 2 bars fixed to the body. 

If there is a fan under (or on top ) your IC, don't forget to disconnect the wires otherwise it can make a problem when you move your intercooler to the floor whilst swinging a Patrol behind it.....hahahaha

Then its a simple removal of the tappet cover.....except for the 2 bolts at the back against the firewall. They aren't difficult to get out, just damn awkwardunless you are 6 foot 55 tall.

I never took out the glow plugs or injectors when I did mine. I got mine to TDC on no1 cylinder ( both valves closed ) by turning the motor with a ratchet. You will "easily" turn the motor..... well easier then taking out glow plugs. However you can take out the no 1 glow plug and stick a piece of wire down there to check the pistons movements, but I found it too much trouble and extra work.

so in short ...

1) tappet cover off

2) turn motor ( by hand ) to get valves on no 1 to both closed

3) turn motor slightly to get TDC mark on crank pulley to align up with the mark on the block

4) set your tappets to your hearts content

5) refit tappet cover and IC and away ya go

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