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trans problem

t bone

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hi I have a 2010 patrol crd zd30 auto and every time it goes into top gear (over drive) I get a vibration it has only done 70000ks any idears on what would cause this would be much appreciated it started after a trip to the gibb river road and the gear stick was getting very hot thanks andy

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G'day mate,

What sort of vibration are talking and does it change or happens only at specific RPM/speed?

Automatic transmissions are sensitive to water and dirt/dust ingress. Simplest thing you could do is to check for any traces of leaks outside and that nothing is loose (cross member bolts, transmission mounts etc.) Also check the the transmission oil cooler is not externally blocked with mud or other items as that would indicate overheating and further degrading the oil.

Having said that, fluid contamination would affect every gear change perhaps so this is/could be something mechanical or related to just 4th gear operation.

The best advice is to take to auto transmission specialist to have a look.

When was the last time the transmission was serviced? Personally I'd drop the pan and change fluid in it first to be sure if unsure about the state of transmission fluid.


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I'm no auto expert, but I agree with Rumcajs, do an oil change on the box and make very sure the small radiator in the front of the water radiator isn't blocked up with either mud, or grass seeds. 

A while back I had to do some major cleaning after a long trip we did. The power steering radiator, my aftermarket oil cooler and aircon condensor was packed solid with little grass seeds that wedged themselves between the fins of the various radiators. The power steering radiator was the least affected, due to the fins being spaced wider apart. 

It took me ages to clean out these radiators by myself, but maybe taking the front grill off and moving the radiators so you can force a water spray from the back to push the dirt out the way it went in will help and work.

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