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  1. Hey guys Just went out to change the front diff oil on my 1988 nissan safari Dropped oil into a measured can and frount diff had 8.4L in it Have had problems with this truck making funny noises from thw front would this be the problem as manual says fill up to 5.4L Any help would be much appreciated
  2. Manual locking hubs got superwinch ones on my other truck might swap them over and have a look and see if that fixes the problem
  3. I got one about a year ago Was driving up to have a look out over my city christchurch nz Had my old slug chugging up the hill at about 60ks going round a semi sharp bend when out of the blue a wanabe lance Armstrong came round on my side of the road What could I do go over the hill or into a wall nah not for those inconsiderate four abrest tossers well he went under my truck to inspect my diffs only thing that got me out of getting charged was I had my good old go pro going and recorded it all think the guy spent 6 months in hospital Now he lobbys to remove all 4x4s off the road All I say is he should thank me for having 4in suspension lift and 2in body running 37s at the time thats the only reason hes alive
  4. Help I just cant work it out I have a problem with the front of one of my safs done wheel bearings and seals and noise is still there when im driving at 80-100kmph and take my foot off the gas im getting a grinding wearing noise from frount end no wobble at all or vibrations bearings are tight not over tightened either sound like diff area but then feel a lil rattle in bottom of footwell and end of grinding noise its doing my head in a bit my other saf has same mods and works fine Any help would be mush appreciated
  5. Hey there names vic im from chch new zealand Owner of 3 safaris 1988 swb 4inch iron man suspension lift 2 body running 33 coopers no swaybars building ex cage 1989 swb same mods but 35 coopers caged a his and hers combo and a 1989 lwb high roof for a run about never owned a toyota but pulling them out constantly google info for the trucks allways brings me here u guys have saved me a few headaches in the past so here to help if I can cheers
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