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  1. G'day to Rumcajs, as usual, your advice is always spot-on, so thanks again! "happy Christmas to you and yours!"
  2. G'day...what exhaust gas temperature can I expect from my new gauge. So far, less than 200c at idle, and 450c working up bigger hills. Running at 240c to 350c generally? Is that OK for a 3 inch exhaust system. By the way, a good modification for a 3 ltr Patrol, as you all know! thanks. B. i
  3. g'day again Rumcajs, great advice! Now i know what is what....Best leave it alone.at the moment! Thank you!
  4. G'day Rumcajs, thank you and i've tried all i can do now, so off to Jaycar. By the way, how do you adjust the VNT before i attempt to play with it. Seems many members talk about this, and how do it. Regards too.
  5. I think my troll has the MAF voltage problem as mr.nissan dealer tells me the throttle positioning sensor is faulty. Tried different pedal assembly and of course same problem. After $125 to diagnose the issue, they have no answer and are referring to mr nissan proper. After two months of replacements of filters,cleaning EGR, adjusting dawes valve, need/seat, blocking this and that, i still limp at 3000rpm @ 12 psi up hills and overtaking. Not good when cool but much better when warm. I think is time to visit Jaycar because mr dealer says it is a ECU fault that's telling the TPS sensor is faulty when it is not! Engine light comes on when limp mode happens. 256000 kms, 2000 model, auto, and re-built injection pump 18 months ago. EGR blanked, dawes v set @ 15psi , needle/seat, new intercooler, Swirl accuator disabled, vacuum reservoir removed. Input welcome please!
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