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  1. There is a large gap between the A/C condenser and the radiator. If i put the 10" thermos on the radiator it wouldnt really draw the air through the cooler condenser and radiator all at once. My background is turbo petrol engines, from my experience with them, nothing beats the factory engine fan. I had to put 3 x 10" electric fans on my last car just to take the place of one engine fan. So I'm going to leave the standard fan there for now and see what happens The snorkel is 4" from Millweld. Its great! It took me about 30mins to fit it.
  2. Twin 10" Thermo's installed, Hopefully it will keep cooler temps low and help out the A/C Condenser now its completely blocked by the cooler. 15mm Thick high density foam to direct the air straight from the Thermo fans onto the A/C condenser Trial fittment whilst i start to fab up some brackets to hold it in place.
  3. Hi Jacket, whats the waiting period like on a TD05 at the moment? 4 weeks?
  4. Thanks for the tip Glort, once the new turbo is installed, i might have to chop a bit off the tank. I will be sure to vent the tank somewhere safe. As for the fab skills, I'm really only a beginer, I bought myself a Tig, watched some videos on you tube and taught myself.
  5. New inlet manifold design 15L water meth tank underway
  6. Quick picture after I fitted my 3" Suspension stuff lift. I also fitted rubber flares, that i hate! But, im trying to keep it semi Legal. haha Total pain in the arse trying to fit the caster correction bushes without a press at home!
  7. Time to extract some more power out of the TD42T Garrett GTX2863 turbo Frozen boost water/air cooler Cooling mist Water/methanol injection I'm currently making myself a new inlet manifold. pics will come once its finished. I'm also tigging up a 15L water/meth tank in the engine bay.
  8. I couldnt agree more. A mate of mine has worked in spare parts for 15 years. BUT, he has never even serviced his car in his life, let alone fits a part to it. However he is always telling his customers how easy it is to fit the parts he is selling them.... He has no idea!!! I know he would get onto forums and give his 2c, having never worked on a car in his life.
  9. Hi All, Im fitting a Water to air intercooler to my TD42T. What do you recommend to trigger the water pump and thermofan to turn on? Im thinking about buying one of these gauges pictured below, they have a built in trigger which can be used to switch relays. I'll drill and tap the sensor into the intercooler pipes and when it reaches my set temperature it will turn on the water pump and thermofan... Does this sound wise? do most people just run the pump from the ignition wire? cheers Kris
  10. Bit of an update, I fitted a tradies roof rack setup with awning, high lift jack and shovel New shoes. 15 x 10 -44 Allied thunders 35" BFG Muddies. Ordered a 3" flexi lift kit from Suspension Stuff
  11. Dye-04


    Are you in QLD mate? I'm an electrical contractor, i can help you out. In QLD it is free to have the aerial line to your house upgraded, as long as you have had an electrical contractor upgrade from the "point of attachement" back to your switchboard. If your switchboard is an old piece of junk, it would cost you between $1200-1500 to have it completely upgraded. Thats new everything, box, safety switches, new 16mm mains cable, Everything! Once thats completed energex will come out and upgrade the aerial mains for free. If your switchboard is in good condition and its just the mains box that needs to be changed. It should cost under $500 to get someone out to replace that, then energex will replace the aerial mains. hope this helps
  12. Good write up Ray. At fraser Island my mate broke an engine mount, the engine fan went through the radiator. We repaired it with Loctite Metal Magic. He drove around like that for weeks. It saved his arse big time!!!
  13. oh i almost forgot, i made this as well. My Daughter Zoe
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