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loud squealing noise from belts and pulleys...

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I got lumbered with a ZD30 2 weeks ago with a zd30 engine, the guy told me the noise at the front of the engine was just the belt squealing and handed me a new belt. after replacing the belt and the tensioner pulley the noise stopped for about 30 minutes then started again. If I spray anything on the belt the noise stops or is reduced to almost stopped, It is embarrassing to drive, the squealing is so loud, if I'm lucky after the engine has warmed up the noise is almost gone when the engine is idling. I have an alternator here given to me when I bought a converted zd30 about 2 years ago, so am going to try swapping alternators around to see if that make a difference as the alternator on the car is a higher amp one with a clutch and the other one is a stock alternator with a solid pulley. Any advise or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I started hating the car after owning it for an hour.... Please help, all ideas etc will be tried to stop the squealing...

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It has been common that aftermarket belts differ in size, also you don't mention the belt tensioner itself just the pulley. It is also common that tensioner binds up as you tighten the mounting bolt/nut so what essentially happens is that tension on the spring is reduced. Make sure you have right size belt, tensioner is working correctly and indeed the alternator is easy to spin, BTW did you route the belt correctly?


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