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TD42 first start issues


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Hey, first start of the day the engine turns over really slowly, starts after around 1/2 a turn though. After the first start of the day it cranks freely but takes a few turns to start. What would cause this?

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First start issue, battery for suregt it checked, winder brings out the worst in a tired battery

Extralong crank time: firstly suspect glow plugs worn- would stat with new glow plugs. but this fault still could be related to a fulty battery

so would stick with battery testing to startwith, if u get a new battery see if it fixes ur cranking issue to

if not, glow plugs

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Still would be very sure it's a battery issue, it going flat is different to being faulty so that doesn't mean anything, like I said the start of the cold weather brings out battery issues big time, so if it's oly happened for the last month or less then I'm quite sure it's a battery pro, but yeah get it checked properly before u replace it

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