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-Hello. . . is anyone in there?

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G'day all. . . . My name is Tim, yall' know who i am anyways. . . lots of you have met me, been on trips with me, or bought something off me -probably a patrol. . . LOL.

Born in 1985, i like to play with patrols. iv had a few. . . . . Ill keep an eye on this site for areas where i can be of use. . . . but consider myself a "patrol4x4.com" loyalist. Currently drive a RB30 turbo GQ, but that's going, going, going. . . . .

im on a few other 4x4 sites, Mudrhino, outerlimits, duramaxdiesels, etc. . . .

Anywho. . . . . . PAD.








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Hi Jacket, I never knew you had so many trolls mate, you've had some nice units there.

All 4.2turbo's apart from the purple GU 2.8 and the current silver rb30 turbo GQ. . . .I miss the GUIV ST-L td42ti. And i miss my king smoothies.

PM me your number and ill contact you about your cars for sale. got some nice gear by the look of it.

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Goltrol checking in on mypatrol4x4...

Got sick of the BS over on P4x4. I'm loyal to it too Tim, but if it's not working then I'm not waiting for it. I feel like I'm cheating! LOL

yeah, its not likely to be fixed imo. . . i spent half the day reading yesterday, hacking it and taking it off terry is easy'ish, but quite illegal. and i dont think anything has changed his mind about letting it go. so it wont happen. forum software is 3years old!

Lets pull together and make a go of it here fellas. ill put my name down as a stay, if the other forum goes down. . . . .

lets save what we need to and get on with it.

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