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  1. Now keep in mind I have no conections to tigerz but with thier sale who can resist a bargin go through all of thier stuff and compare prices before you buy anywhere else, http://tigerz11.com.au/categories/Awnings/ they are same quality as my TJM and my mates ARB ones just a different patch put on them.
  2. I had the E.R.P.S. brand on my old puslux, wich had a rust hole in the floor that I never repaired until I sold it which was 4years later and the hole never got any bigger and I am not that fussy when wash my 4b's so I believe in this system hence why I have put it in my shorty.
  3. The boys @ Ozled also do the 175bar which will screw into the light bracket/holder that is in ARB bullbars as well nice and easy cheap mod to do.
  4. I am using a 3ltr snorkel on my 4.2l so I can't see why it wouldn't go both ways??? just a thought.
  5. I finished "dynamatting my shorty yesterday and windscreen replaced and today I am putting all the interiour back in and respraying the Bullbar to get ready for my Mod plate and RWC to get the old girl rego'ed
  6. The Bunnings stuff in about 1.5mm-2mm thick here are some pic's of the roll I just bought another roll to finish the car off it is $125 for a 10mroll @ 300mm wide and easy to use, cut and mould.
  7. Very good pic's I may have to ad this to my to do list, thanks for sharing.
  8. what an awesome idea, I might try to fit a campoven next to my turbo to cook as I go?
  9. Fatboyz inc


    Hi Tristan, welcome to the forum i hope we get this up and running just like the other one and the info is shared between the two would then be awesom back up for one and other.
  10. Hi Jacket, I never knew you had so many trolls mate, you've had some nice units there.
  11. I am @ Taigum northside of Brissy Toppy lookig foward to getting the oldgirl out on the tracks soon I just don't know if I am going north or south for it's maiden voyage, I will do up an event maybe to see if I get any interest once it's all done?
  12. Thanks toppy I should have it back on the road very soon, and looking foward to it's maiden voyage just not sure where to go???
  13. If you use thinners with the brush on stuff it does set ..... Just a heads up also try using the brush on with the thinners in a degreasing gun and spray it on, then you get good spread and it drys well
  14. Hi guy's and girls I am @ Taigum Brissy northside & should have my shorty done just before June??? give or take a week.
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