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nissan 2003 navara


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hi members having trouble getting the camshaft timing right on a nissan navara zd30 diesel motor i think i am out 180 degree,s on the cam timing  motor spins but wont start , i think its try ing to start on number 4 instead of one , what have i done wrong all the gears are lined up spot on   tdc on the pulley  how did i get this wrong   i have set the front inlet cams facing to the left looking from the front of the motor  and are laying at 9 o,clock  should the right cam be facing to right  as well or are they to be both together the same way  watched a video and it showed them facing away form one and other , THE NEXT VIDEO SHOWED THE BEING TOGETHER FACING THE LEFT ,  WHAT IS THE CORRECT WAY TO INSTALL THEM PLEASE WITH OUT .DAMAGING   THE VALVES  NEED HELP GUYS URGENT PLEASE CHEERS WELSHY01 

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